Watch “Kstylis – Booty Me Down” on YouTube

Sharing this for my wife 😉 

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About poeticjustice1975

About me I like to write and read stories and write when I can about my wife Tina and everyday thing's that's about it besides discovering new thing's a long the way as I go but thank you for reading them even if shall ramble on sometimes but I try to get on here as much as I possibly can to write but sometimes my job position keeps me so busy sometimes but I do love to write it's one of my passions because me being overseas in the military I try to write as much as I can

7 thoughts on “Watch “Kstylis – Booty Me Down” on YouTube

  1. unknownperson79/Sleeping Angels2010/Big Brainers

    WTH I my husband isn’t sick and dying that’s me oh did you mix us up? duh him dreaming yes don’t have to dream he has one of his dreams but like my husband said thanks for commenting back when you use to do it all the time before my husband popped up online​ here and it was cheerful and kinda flirty comments and see you was the only one on here I was trying to be nice by extending my hand for friendship but I don’t know what happened or what I did and I don’t mean to be rude with this message but you don’t respond back and I don’t understand why

    But Jeff you know I love me some Kstylis Because been his concert which was tight af BAM BAM damn lol 👏👏👏👍

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