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I am pissed off a woman can make a rude comment on my wife’s post or blog when your damn comment can kill my wife you dumbfounded cunt now if this post don’t come down I will sue you and I am taking it to the police department so they can track you down because me and wife has been having hell with you all damn day but you want to cry and be whiny when my wife leaves the comment section open because of me because of my job keeps me away from home my gosh you have to be the most self righteous ass hole on the planet today because if you would actually took time to read my wife’s profile it explains in lots of detail about her disease and how she’s here to write while she’s dying wow this the lowest of the low from this site 

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About poeticjustice1975

About me I like to write and read stories and write when I can about my wife Tina and everyday thing's that's about it besides discovering new thing's a long the way as I go but thank you for reading them even if shall ramble on sometimes but I try to get on here as much as I possibly can to write but sometimes my job position keeps me so busy sometimes but I do love to write it's one of my passions because me being overseas in the military I try to write as much as I can

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  1. unknownperson79/Sleeping Angels2010/Big Brainers

    Yes that lady had to balls to write this shit when she came to my page making her comment she be glad her ass is online because I wouldn’t stand for her bs either wise because I’m sick of people judging me because my sickness and how my brain and body may work or may not work and then my post which I leave the comment section open because of my husband and other family to make COMMENTS and then some of my kind followers but I am thinking on changing that because of her but I hate to and dammit why does people need a damn freaking mental institution so they will never see the light of day and thanks honey for exposing her coward bit** a** and yes they’ll be healing when people stops acting dumber than a box of rocks and I do believe that when God was handing out brains she had mistaken him and popped on the first train now she can keep spreading lies about a sick dying woman because I really don’t give a shi* or fuc* anymore because God will judge everyone who judge’s me or anyone else for that matter

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    1. poeticjustice1975 Post author

      Yes honey that’s why I posted it but speak your mind and freak everyone else and if you decide to change the comments section let me know babe but only hope not because I like to comment on them but yes I love you honey don’t get stressed out because of her or people not responding back to you 😉

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