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Stop The Fracking The Navajo Nation’s Land

 I must share because this is my old Hometown and what they’re doing to the land out there and the navajos complete the wrong all these people need to quit fracking the land because it’s causing the oil and gases to be released into the water and you know I have a friend out there that is already sick deathly sick due to the fracking and he’s been fighting the government to win his case because he’s almost completely dead his life is painful every day this has to stop fracking is not only happening in the Mexico to the Navajo but it’s happening everywhere across the Native American land this has to stop the fracking is even starting for the Cherokee Native this has to stop


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When you see in the streets you best be ready to pull that trigger my little bitch or snitch sumbitch you because if I see you in the streets I’m already locked and loaded with my crew that has killed every fucking fool that is and acts just like you because I ain’t afraid of prison for having your blood on my hands because it will be damn worth it to kill a stupid cyber bullying, cyber stalker, sexual harasser and falsified information you and as I take me a major shit on your face for the first time and the last time you sumbitch you so if I see you in the streets I’m already shooting your ass with every bullet loaded in the chamber round after round bang~bang damn I just shot your ass in between the eyes and as I watch all the blood run from your sumbitch head until I hear the sirens of the police coming to the shots that I fired at you so now I’ve got to run so I won’t be caught seen around your body as you are almost dead as I run away until I no longer hear the sounds of the police sirens coming and as I reach a safe house way out in the run down side of city then I pause for a second to laugh at your dead ass now and the day’s pass into week’s and into the month’s and into year’s but they never figured out who killed you my stupid sumbitch you and I’m still free in these streets while still laughing at my stupid sumbitch you

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