Just The Way You Are

Baby just the way you

are has me slipping

through space into the

darkest hole circling us

and girl you are amazing

just the way you are and

the way you laugh sends

chills up my spine and

when you cry with those

lips so stuck out pouting

makes want to hug you

and whisper saying baby

you don’t have to pout

that way and girl when

 your eyes sparkle with 

the blue glow has my heart 

beating like a bass guitar 

hero drummer to the

sound of your beautiful

name and girl when I see

your face you are 

amazing just the way 

you and I know you’ll 

never believe me but 

baby you are all these

thing’s to me and so 

much more to me so

believe me because

you are amazing 

Dedicated To My Beautiful Wife Tina!

© Jeff Glover All Rights Reserved


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