My dearest love

I love you more than 

I can type here to you 

But I love your hot banging 

curves of your body baby 

And I love all your beautiful 


And I love that beautiful 

smart mouth as I am 

always wondering what’s 

on that beautiful mind 

but we will be alright and 

you are crazy and I’m 

completely out of my 

mind for you girl and 

this journey is no

where near ending 

because as lovers and 

soul mate’s we will never 

separate from each 

because girl this is true 

love can’t you see and Tina 

I wouldn’t change this 


mystical magically 

carpet ride and

Tina I always give you all of 

me and you always give 

me all of you and last 

night dreaming of you 

in my arms making sweet 

endless love to you had me 

waking up in hot~cold 

sweats dripping off my 

body and girl can’t you 

see what you do to me 

and I would follow you 

straight from hell back to 

heaven because I do love 

you, I do and as I slowly 

sip you like a fine wine 

with so much perfections 

that taste so sweet like 

honeycomb to my tongue 

baby as I lap all them with 

my tongue to the very end 

of them for that moment 

and I could be losing 

everything but with you 

my queen I have 

everything that I want and 

really ever need and I 

love you and all of your 

flaws to and I do, I always 

will no matter what 

Dedicated To My Beautiful Wife Tina I love you honey!

© Jeff Glover All Rights Reserved


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