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I Don’t Care?

I don’t care what she thinks anymore because Kelly I’m feeling only you right now so Kelly let me know if you are feeling me too 

© Jeff Glover All Rights Reserved



Girl here you are creeping back into the darkened paces of my memory and mind girl you are something that I’ve been missing for a long time and I want to give us a chance again 

Only if you are willing to explore all of my body miss mission impossible

And don’t fear girl I want bite more than once just like old times girl 

© Jeff Glover All Rights Reserved

Just For You Yo 

Rose’s are red,

Violet’s are blue,


Bruh you got caught

up in a man holy shit dude


But bruh it’s alright

some man out in this

world will one day

show you some mad

loving that you need 


Because no wanted

you anyways 


That shit was in your

insane head and

now it’s a faded

washed out bullshit

fantasy you made up

bruh nah can’t be




Because before I want a man

like you shit I would turn gay 






Because bruh you wasn’t

talking to me the whole

time anyways 


Rose’s are red,

Violet’s are blue,


Dude go play in the

streets hopefully that

 eighteen wheeler will 

 come along and roll

your ass over making

sure you blend the hell

in with pavement 


And just maybe mother

nature will wash you

away like the yesteryears

of Mad Max insanes ass

and now forever be gone

like that old rotting winds

you brought in with nasty

skanky ass you that could

never comprehend a damn



And now bruh keep on

slanging your mixed up

crappy music like that

played out cocaine addtic

that just took that final

blow of cocaine to their

rotting plagued​ brain 


While the whole

world sets back

watching for next

biggest mistake 


Because bruh you ain’t

worth nothin so keep

on playing your folks

in Louisiana because

you ain’t real because

you are fake ass joker 


That one day will face

judgement day and

may God be lenient

on you 

©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved 2017

{€ Southside Crew Showing Some Mad Love For Ya €}

Judgemental People

Judgemental people in this world bruh wasn’t put here for you to be liked and I was most certainly not put here to be judged by you and I most certainly wasn’t put here for you to prosecute me and crucify me and to be made fun and be mocked by you or anyone for that factor and my personal​ opinion what you think about me well in reality I don’t give two fucks and doing all these thing’s to me makes you feel better by all means bruh keep on doing them all 

©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved 2017 

{€ Southside Crew Showing Some Mad Love For Ya Bruh €}

Fuck The Hater’s

Fuck the haters because you will always be hating on me because you cannot comprehend me or understand anything that comes from anyone’s mouth under less it’s dumbed down for you and don’t be hating me because you will never be anything like me to keep on hating cuz haters are going to hate now my middle finger is up to you fucking haters 

Got damn 

Let me dumbed it down for you 

Like duhhh dude 

©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved 2017 

{€ Southside Crew Showing Some Mad Love For Ya Bruh €}

Watch “Stitches “I’m Crazy” (Official Music Video)” on YouTube

Yes as your followers may think I’m crazy or that I’m looney I really don’t give two shit what they think because I’m not here to satisfy you please you or to please your followers damn I’m here to write until I die and share what is on my mind you got that you’re only trying to ruin me because I didn’t talk to you and you talked to my husband from my blog here and Facebook to and mixcloud so I guess apparently you told my husband you love him when you thought it was me wowsers dude I had no clue that you was into men humming and if I’m crazy and looney what the hell does that make you when my husband used my accounts without me having knowledge of it until after the facts and I do appreciate you sharing my personal information contained to my Facebook account to this site when that is a private page for my family and Chiari family members so up yours buddy