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I Don’t Care?

I don’t care what she thinks anymore because Kelly I’m feeling only you right now so Kelly let me know if you are feeling me too 

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Sometimes it’s better to love and cut your losses before you cause anyone any more damage or pain no matter how much it hurts you or her

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How Would Deal With A Dying Person That You Love So Much?

I am facing this every day that I wake-up but sometimes I feel like I’m so helpless because it seems like I’m just there for support, comfort, love without cause or having to because when you have to sit back watching someone you love so much die a slow agonizing, tortuous death that starts to affect you emotionally, mentally, physically until you start to think you are going crazy because I have to set back watching them suffer through mini strokes, all the visual disturbances, all the nausea~vomiting, all the weakness happening throughout their broken sickened body, all the day’s, all the night’s that you have night terrors, all the sleepless night’s, all the insomnia night’s that you suffer through, all the times that you stop breathing and I fear that I might not be able to bring you back when your breathing stops for that brief time and I’m there to help you but it just seems like it’s not good enough because still death is slowly dragging you away from me when I don’t want it to and by me watching you go through this has made me feel like I am a cold bitter man that only wants to destroy the dark demons that has their nails hooked into her and then you have to worry about every least cold they get because it could be the one that could cause their lungs to fill the rest of the way up then you have nothing but memories of the way life once was before this or that to the next thing and to all the surgeries that has been done on her to save her life at least for one more day and night with me and our children to and this a living hell on her and me why will it not get any better for us in God’s name I pray it does AMEN

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Watch “Bebe Rexha – “No Broken Hearts” ft. Nicki Minaj (Official Music Video)” on YouTube/With My Poem {No Broken Heart’s}

{No Broken Heart’s}

As I walk out of the door tonight to hit the clubs because I don’t want to feel no more broken heart’s tonight and I don’t want to shed no more tears as I will be partying up in the club tonight as I drink you way from my mind and now I am wishing that this memory of you will be wiped clean of you ever being involved in my life oh please wipe him away because I only have one life to live as I get trashed tonight and then tomorrow I’ll take over this small hick town dropping this shit along the trump line because I’m gonna get it poppin tonight because I only got one life to live and damn right I am going to live it right tonight as I don’t have no one to care for as I will be rocking like the newest rockstar that has hit this small hick town at the speeds of two hundred miles an hour and there’s a fine ass man standing in the darkened corner that I am feeling right about now as I think I’ll try to hit his fine ass up tonight before I leave this club because I want to kill this broken heart feeling tonight and I will not feel no shame tonight as walk over to his fine ass and whisper you want go home with me tonight baby because ā€‹I don’t want to feel this broken heart tonight and as wipe all the tears away of his lasting memories because everyone knows why I came here tonight 

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Watch “Behemoth – Lucifer (Uncensored Version)” on YouTube/With My Poem {Lucifer}


Lucifer is rising faster than the heavenly father and his angels cannotā€‹ stop his lustful sinful hands of Lucifer grabs your soulless souls bringing you down to his level and to his burning hellish throne one mistake that everyone has made as we perish and fade away into the darkness with the fires burning brighter than the day’s sun as Lucifer begins his torturous hellish work upon every soul upon this earth as he graps and takes you to hell for one last sinflu, lustful ride that makes you want to run and hide and cry no more pity for the weakenedā€‹ and sorrowful fools up on this earth cuz hell has already begun as we are all Lucifer’s little playmates as Lucifer overthrows our heavenly father because there’s so much wickedness in this world without the righteous people Lucifer will become our new heavenly father as you sit back and wondering O Lord what have I done for believing in the sinful lies that was whispered into my ears from Lucifer now this is where we’re at and where our country is at as we all turn a blind eye to what’s really happening as Lucifer’s still keeps rising like the rising sun and just hold on cuz Lucifer’s going to bust hell wide open and he’s going to make hell upon earth as he rests his wickedness to our world and society like Illuminati destroyingā€‹ and it’s on people making them commit suicide taking their own lives Lucifer is rising weather if you like it or not and you just hold on for the last sinful hellish ride that has begun so long ago and as the lost darkened child has lost it’s way and will find its way with Lucifer’s help as we all play Good and Evil like the Game of Thrones being played upon this sinful heavenly place and have no worries my evil dwellers that dwells upon this Earth Lucifer will make everything feel alright for you as you hold on to your pillow as you try to sleep at night just remember Satan his rising and he will conquer he will destroy anything that believes in God and as Lucifer will split the western skies open with the blood of every person upon this earth as we all sit here shattering each other one by one until we destroy ourselves wondering like what the hell no reform insight as this is our last hellish sinful heavenly delight as Lucifer kisses everyone’s sinful soulless lips each day and night as we all cry bloody tears because Lucifer is so near don’t worry because God no longer exist here 

Lucifer will show his beautiful darkened love while remaining burning in hell 

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This SiteĀ 

This site is all about freedom of speech well when they let people on here to sexually harass you when you had no clue that somebody else was talking to them from your blog because theyā€‹ are the caretaker of your blog and Facebook to and they have all your passwords information and they are your blog partner as well and this site has no platform to block those one’s who sexually harass you so they can keep stealing your personal pictures and posting to their blog without your knowledge of it and what kind of site is this when someone that is sick and dying feels like their life is being invaded by somebody that they don’t even know besides through blogging here and then knowing that I’m so sick and dying and then they can’t grasp the concepts of that and they still keep their content that was made between them and my husband from my blog up on their site when that only makes you look foolish in the end of the day because I know me personally and I don’t have time to do that because I’m too sick and I don’t live like that because it’s childish to live like that and I live like an adult trying to make a life for me and my kids and family what time I do have here but apparently this site needs to get some better platforms so you can block people from your blog at least I can say that Facebook will let you report it they will investigate the stuff and then get back to you on that matter and then you can even block people on Facebook but here you can’t and I mean really because there’s so many people out here on the site that is probably being sexually harassed just like I was and it’s not fun to have your life invaded and your personal information upon somebody else’s blog for no reason just so they can get their kicks off at the end of each day while they bash and bully you and this site needs set up something like Facebook has just in case of somebody here passes away so they can be left as the caretaker through like Legacy so that way it can stay open for remembrance of that person and I mean really this site cannot do nothing like that when they are making money off of people here who decides to upgrade and then you have followers from that other person site bullying you harassing you making rude comments towards you and them saying you’re Looney and that all this was rubbish well the rubbish started when that other person on this site was physically talking to my husband on here not me and I only talked to that other person on this site by phone trying to be his friend because he’s had bad experiences throughout his life and see I try to stand up and be there for somebody in that kind of situation like that because I’ve had bad situations that I’ve been throughout in my life and that’s just me but apparently I wasted my time talking to him by phone calls because this is the the fine thanks I get to and this site makes people feel uncomfortable when you can’t block nobody yes it’s about freedom of speech and this is my freedom of speech today by God because I am one pissed-off American Ghost Writer but it’s not all this sites fault they just need to upgrade their platform so that way that you can block people that you don’t want coming to your blog so they cannot have your information so they can’tā€‹ have your personal pictures that is being shared without you knowing it and what is wrong with this site is that too much to ask no it’s not you want people to upgrade well you need to make them feel safe so that they can and will purchase the upgrade because as of now I regret even upgrading any of my accounts here because this site makes you feel comfortable in some ways and the bloggers make you feel comfortable well most of bloggers let’s put it like at because there’s a few bad apple’s out in the bunch I will not let them ruin me here and let them try to take me under and make me leave this site because I enjoy my blogging experience is here I just don’t like this one because I had no knowledge or no clue that it was taking place and why do you all think I have been posting from my husband’s blog not mine because I know my followers believes that other blogger’s post because it wasn’t me it was my husband who made those comments on the other blogger’s blog not me and I don’t want to have to give up my writing and I don’t want to have to leave from this blog just because of that other blogger on here because it was their actions plus my husband’s to and this making this a bad experienceā€‹ for me and this site says that if you want that content took down you have to personally take that person to court what kind of site is this and I mean don’t get me wrong I love the site and most of the people on here but they need to upgrade and fix their platforms to make people feel safe 

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Watch “Devils Lullaby” on YouTube

Sharing this song for my Uncle Virgil who is with the Hells Angel Gang because they can be dangerous at times that’s for sure but stay outta trouble Uncle Virgil!!! And hopefully one day he can or will able to leave that life behind him before he gets hurt or killed from the craziness out here in the world… Because I know the classification of the brotherhood is strict on leaving the group…