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How Would Deal With A Dying Person That You Love So Much?

I am facing this every day that I wake-up but sometimes I feel like I’m so helpless because it seems like I’m just there for support, comfort, love without cause or having to because when you have to sit back watching someone you love so much die a slow agonizing, tortuous death that starts to affect you emotionally, mentally, physically until you start to think you are going crazy because I have to set back watching them suffer through mini strokes, all the visual disturbances, all the nausea~vomiting, all the weakness happening throughout their broken sickened body, all the day’s, all the night’s that you have night terrors, all the sleepless night’s, all the insomnia night’s that you suffer through, all the times that you stop breathing and I fear that I might not be able to bring you back when your breathing stops for that brief time and I’m there to help you but it just seems like it’s not good enough because still death is slowly dragging you away from me when I don’t want it to and by me watching you go through this has made me feel like I am a cold bitter man that only wants to destroy the dark demons that has their nails hooked into her and then you have to worry about every least cold they get because it could be the one that could cause their lungs to fill the rest of the way up then you have nothing but memories of the way life once was before this or that to the next thing and to all the surgeries that has been done on her to save her life at least for one more day and night with me and our children to and this a living hell on her and me why will it not get any better for us in God’s name I pray it does AMEN

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Life, Death, Sickness How It Affects Your Life 

Life, death, sickness affects some one’s life in some bad ways and you don’t try to let it affect your life but it’s near dang impossible to do because I had to watch my baby daughter Lily die and suffer for her short brief time here on earth and now I’m watching her mother do the same thing but this case with her mother is a long suffering torturous death sentence that I’m witnessing each day, night without any relief from it

And as I feel like I’m helpless 
And I am supporting her in every way I know how to but it doesn’t meet my standards 

And this is making me see and feel that my heart is harshly turning bitterly cold because I am a witness, witnessing this through my eyes each day, night making me think why does people have to watch someone you love so much suffer through pain, hurt, sickness as you feel that you aren’t doing your best for them 

And if you mention this to the one that’s suffering this they will say you are helping me more than you know or realize and for you not to worry or think otherwise because you have saved me in a million ways, in a million lifetimes already because you are my hero that has made my sickness your conquest to conquer and rescue me from time and time again

And it’s making me a angry man to have to sit by feeling what feel by just being here and not being able to do more than I’m doing already and feeling like I am not helping the situation at all and how do I stop these feelings before it makes me miss out on the end of her life without even knowing that I am missing it 

And I’m hurting inside that I feel like I’m losing my life because she’s my life, she’s my world and this is ripping my own heart from my chest and jackhammering it beyond hells gates until it’s broken into a zillion~billion pieces that cannot be repaired 

And why does an illness, disease or a on coming death hurt this bad but as I sit here wondering why can’t I take her place because I would in a heart beat 

And I fear when her breathing stops one day that it will be her last one that I will not be able to bring her back from because I have had to do CRP on her before to get a heart beat back and oxygen back in her lungs and I fear one day when I walk in that I will find her laying there dead and her dying all alone when me or our children are not at home 

And as I see her suffer through not being able to intake food or liquids or her own saliva without having difficulties swallowing it without choking on it and the next move is a feeding tube being placed in so she can have that nourishment to keep her living and here with me for as long as I can keep her here with me 

And me seeing all the medical procedures being done on her like she’s the doctor’s lab rat or subject that their testing on and all of their medical treatments that is still in medical trials that they are doing on her and makes me see that there’s nothing that she will not try or do the extend her life here with me and our children  

And this is taking a toll on me because I never imagined having to witness someone that I love deeply, madly, and unconditionally die a slow painful death 

And could you imagine having a long needle filled with a blocking medicine to stop the pain for a short time being placed into your lower portion of your skull and in your neck and then in your shoulders and these shots they give her are about 10~12 of them that do give her and I couldn’t honestly do it myself because she takes them without moving a muscle or flinching or making a sound and she’s one heck of a woman for enduring these shots

And this I have to put it out of mind and just enjoy what time I do have left with her in this world no matter the toll it has on me because she’s the most important thing in my life besides our children because I am her support system and I’ve got to suck it up and be her super hero as long as I can be 

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Stop The Fracking The Navajo Nation’s Land

 I must share because this is my old Hometown and what they’re doing to the land out there and the navajos complete the wrong all these people need to quit fracking the land because it’s causing the oil and gases to be released into the water and you know I have a friend out there that is already sick deathly sick due to the fracking and he’s been fighting the government to win his case because he’s almost completely dead his life is painful every day this has to stop fracking is not only happening in the Mexico to the Navajo but it’s happening everywhere across the Native American land this has to stop the fracking is even starting for the Cherokee Native this has to stop

Watch “Cardi B “Pull Up” (WSHH Exclusive – Official Music Video)” on YouTube [With My Poem]

When you see in the streets you best be ready to pull that trigger my little bitch or snitch sumbitch you because if I see you in the streets I’m already locked and loaded with my crew that has killed every fucking fool that is and acts just like you because I ain’t afraid of prison for having your blood on my hands because it will be damn worth it to kill a stupid cyber bullying, cyber stalker, sexual harasser and falsified information you and as I take me a major shit on your face for the first time and the last time you sumbitch you so if I see you in the streets I’m already shooting your ass with every bullet loaded in the chamber round after round bang~bang damn I just shot your ass in between the eyes and as I watch all the blood run from your sumbitch head until I hear the sirens of the police coming to the shots that I fired at you so now I’ve got to run so I won’t be caught seen around your body as you are almost dead as I run away until I no longer hear the sounds of the police sirens coming and as I reach a safe house way out in the run down side of city then I pause for a second to laugh at your dead ass now and the day’s pass into week’s and into the month’s and into year’s but they never figured out who killed you my stupid sumbitch you and I’m still free in these streets while still laughing at my stupid sumbitch you

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Watch “Bebe Rexha – “No Broken Hearts” ft. Nicki Minaj (Official Music Video)” on YouTube/With My Poem {No Broken Heart’s}

{No Broken Heart’s}

As I walk out of the door tonight to hit the clubs because I don’t want to feel no more broken heart’s tonight and I don’t want to shed no more tears as I will be partying up in the club tonight as I drink you way from my mind and now I am wishing that this memory of you will be wiped clean of you ever being involved in my life oh please wipe him away because I only have one life to live as I get trashed tonight and then tomorrow I’ll take over this small hick town dropping this shit along the trump line because I’m gonna get it poppin tonight because I only got one life to live and damn right I am going to live it right tonight as I don’t have no one to care for as I will be rocking like the newest rockstar that has hit this small hick town at the speeds of two hundred miles an hour and there’s a fine ass man standing in the darkened corner that I am feeling right about now as I think I’ll try to hit his fine ass up tonight before I leave this club because I want to kill this broken heart feeling tonight and I will not feel no shame tonight as walk over to his fine ass and whisper you want go home with me tonight baby because ​I don’t want to feel this broken heart tonight and as wipe all the tears away of his lasting memories because everyone knows why I came here tonight 

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Light Lunch Today 

My personal picture of my cooking skills

{Light Lunch Today}

Little light lunch today which is homemade {southern style macaroni salad with green olives} on top and a recipe of mine 

  • Get​ the macaroni and bring water to a boil then pour in the macaroni and cook the macaroni until soft 
  • Then cut up one or two whole ripen garden tomatoes 
  • Then cut up half of a onion but I used small garden onion’s for this recipe because it gives a better taste with the smaller garden onion’s add enough of them to your acquired taste 
  • Then cut up one or two cucumbers 
  • Then a pinch of salt
  • Then a pinch of black pepper 
  • Then add enough of Duke’s mayonnaise to acquired taste 

Then refrigerate until cold then serve and fast quick cooking meal or light lunch or snack for your family members and friends and I know my family loves this recipe and they can never get enough of it and if you try it please enjoy it like me and my family does 

My personal pictures of my recipe and makes a good light lunch, snack, small meal

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Watch “Behemoth – Lucifer (Uncensored Version)” on YouTube/With My Poem {Lucifer}


Lucifer is rising faster than the heavenly father and his angels cannot​ stop his lustful sinful hands of Lucifer grabs your soulless souls bringing you down to his level and to his burning hellish throne one mistake that everyone has made as we perish and fade away into the darkness with the fires burning brighter than the day’s sun as Lucifer begins his torturous hellish work upon every soul upon this earth as he graps and takes you to hell for one last sinflu, lustful ride that makes you want to run and hide and cry no more pity for the weakened​ and sorrowful fools up on this earth cuz hell has already begun as we are all Lucifer’s little playmates as Lucifer overthrows our heavenly father because there’s so much wickedness in this world without the righteous people Lucifer will become our new heavenly father as you sit back and wondering O Lord what have I done for believing in the sinful lies that was whispered into my ears from Lucifer now this is where we’re at and where our country is at as we all turn a blind eye to what’s really happening as Lucifer’s still keeps rising like the rising sun and just hold on cuz Lucifer’s going to bust hell wide open and he’s going to make hell upon earth as he rests his wickedness to our world and society like Illuminati destroying​ and it’s on people making them commit suicide taking their own lives Lucifer is rising weather if you like it or not and you just hold on for the last sinful hellish ride that has begun so long ago and as the lost darkened child has lost it’s way and will find its way with Lucifer’s help as we all play Good and Evil like the Game of Thrones being played upon this sinful heavenly place and have no worries my evil dwellers that dwells upon this Earth Lucifer will make everything feel alright for you as you hold on to your pillow as you try to sleep at night just remember Satan his rising and he will conquer he will destroy anything that believes in God and as Lucifer will split the western skies open with the blood of every person upon this earth as we all sit here shattering each other one by one until we destroy ourselves wondering like what the hell no reform insight as this is our last hellish sinful heavenly delight as Lucifer kisses everyone’s sinful soulless lips each day and night as we all cry bloody tears because Lucifer is so near don’t worry because God no longer exist here 

Lucifer will show his beautiful darkened love while remaining burning in hell 

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