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I Don’t Care?

I don’t care what she thinks anymore because Kelly I’m feeling only you right now so Kelly let me know if you are feeling me too 

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Girl here you are creeping back into the darkened paces of my memory and mind girl you are something that I’ve been missing for a long time and I want to give us a chance again 

Only if you are willing to explore all of my body miss mission impossible

And don’t fear girl I want bite more than once just like old times girl 

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Sometimes it’s better to love and cut your losses before you cause anyone any more damage or pain no matter how much it hurts you or her

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How Would Deal With A Dying Person That You Love So Much?

I am facing this every day that I wake-up but sometimes I feel like I’m so helpless because it seems like I’m just there for support, comfort, love without cause or having to because when you have to sit back watching someone you love so much die a slow agonizing, tortuous death that starts to affect you emotionally, mentally, physically until you start to think you are going crazy because I have to set back watching them suffer through mini strokes, all the visual disturbances, all the nausea~vomiting, all the weakness happening throughout their broken sickened body, all the day’s, all the night’s that you have night terrors, all the sleepless night’s, all the insomnia night’s that you suffer through, all the times that you stop breathing and I fear that I might not be able to bring you back when your breathing stops for that brief time and I’m there to help you but it just seems like it’s not good enough because still death is slowly dragging you away from me when I don’t want it to and by me watching you go through this has made me feel like I am a cold bitter man that only wants to destroy the dark demons that has their nails hooked into her and then you have to worry about every least cold they get because it could be the one that could cause their lungs to fill the rest of the way up then you have nothing but memories of the way life once was before this or that to the next thing and to all the surgeries that has been done on her to save her life at least for one more day and night with me and our children to and this a living hell on her and me why will it not get any better for us in God’s name I pray it does AMEN

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Watch “Bebe Rexha – “No Broken Hearts” ft. Nicki Minaj (Official Music Video)” on YouTube/With My Poem {No Broken Heart’s}

{No Broken Heart’s}

As I walk out of the door tonight to hit the clubs because I don’t want to feel no more broken heart’s tonight and I don’t want to shed no more tears as I will be partying up in the club tonight as I drink you way from my mind and now I am wishing that this memory of you will be wiped clean of you ever being involved in my life oh please wipe him away because I only have one life to live as I get trashed tonight and then tomorrow I’ll take over this small hick town dropping this shit along the trump line because I’m gonna get it poppin tonight because I only got one life to live and damn right I am going to live it right tonight as I don’t have no one to care for as I will be rocking like the newest rockstar that has hit this small hick town at the speeds of two hundred miles an hour and there’s a fine ass man standing in the darkened corner that I am feeling right about now as I think I’ll try to hit his fine ass up tonight before I leave this club because I want to kill this broken heart feeling tonight and I will not feel no shame tonight as walk over to his fine ass and whisper you want go home with me tonight baby because ‚ÄčI don’t want to feel this broken heart tonight and as wipe all the tears away of his lasting memories because everyone knows why I came here tonight 

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I Cannot Fathom

<I Cannot Fathom>

I cannot fathom to be 

a man that feels that he 

isn’t being the best 

support for my wife 

because of my job I do 

and me being a witness

to her slowly being 

wiped out this 

world I feel like I am 

helpless not being able 

to swoop down and 

rescue her and be her 

super hero and I 

feel like I am letting 

her down but as I 

say a prayer for God 

to heal her before I 

lose her completely 

because I cannot live 

my without my wife 

because she is what 

is real to me she 

brings me back 

home when thing’s 

are getting dicey 

around me and 

when bullets are 

flying passed my 

head and the only 

thing I see and hear 

is my wife saying 

baby I am here and 

I may not be with you 

in physical form but 

I am with you spiritually 

and that makes me do 

what I have got do to 

and whatever I’ve 

got to do because 

that girl is my heart 

she keeps me 

breathing and I 

cannot fathom my 

world without her I 

wish I could take her 

sickness away and 

take her place because 

I would lay my own life 

down if God would heal 

her and let me take her 

punishment with her 

sickness she lives daily 

oh please God let me 

take her place because 

I feel so helpless like I 

am a stranger looking 

into her world not 

being able to be her 

hero that has already 

saved her once because 

I cannot let her be 

wiped out with me doing 

all I can to try stop that 

from happening 

because I cannot warp 

my mind around that 

factor and I will not 

accept it because I 

cannot lose her 

completely because 

if she dies I die to 

because I cannot 

fathom my world 

without her in it and 

please God help her 

for me because I cry 

tears of fears of this 

sickness stealing her 

life away from me 

because I’ve been 

loving her to long now 

to just stop loving her 

because loving her 

brings me back home 

when thing’s are bad 

here for me and oh 

please God here me 

talking to you today 

because I don’t want 

to feel like this and 

tell me what I can do 

to save her life 

because I will gladly 

do it because this I 

cannot fathom never

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My dearest love

I love you more than 

I can type here to you 

But I love your hot banging 

curves of your body baby 

And I love all your beautiful 


And I love that beautiful 

smart mouth as I am 

always wondering what’s 

on that beautiful mind 

but we will be alright and 

you are crazy and I’m 

completely out of my 

mind for you girl and 

this journey is no

where near ending 

because as lovers and 

soul mate’s we will never 

separate from each 

because girl this is true 

love can’t you see and Tina 

I wouldn’t change this 


mystical magically 

carpet ride and

Tina I always give you all of 

me and you always give 

me all of you and last 

night dreaming of you 

in my arms making sweet 

endless love to you had me 

waking up in hot~cold 

sweats dripping off my 

body and girl can’t you 

see what you do to me 

and I would follow you 

straight from hell back to 

heaven because I do love 

you, I do and as I slowly 

sip you like a fine wine 

with so much perfections 

that taste so sweet like 

honeycomb to my tongue 

baby as I lap all them with 

my tongue to the very end 

of them for that moment 

and I could be losing 

everything but with you 

my queen I have 

everything that I want and 

really ever need and I 

love you and all of your 

flaws to and I do, I always 

will no matter what 

Dedicated To My Beautiful Wife Tina I love you honey!

© Jeff Glover All Rights Reserved