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Watch “PTAF – Boss Ass Bitch (VEVO Version)” on YouTube 

For all the boss ass bitches out there 

{ā‚¬ Southside Crew Showing Some Mad Love ā‚¬}


Watch “Behemoth – Lucifer (Uncensored Version)” on YouTube/With My Poem {Lucifer}


Lucifer is rising faster than the heavenly father and his angels cannotā€‹ stop his lustful sinful hands of Lucifer grabs your soulless souls bringing you down to his level and to his burning hellish throne one mistake that everyone has made as we perish and fade away into the darkness with the fires burning brighter than the day’s sun as Lucifer begins his torturous hellish work upon every soul upon this earth as he graps and takes you to hell for one last sinflu, lustful ride that makes you want to run and hide and cry no more pity for the weakenedā€‹ and sorrowful fools up on this earth cuz hell has already begun as we are all Lucifer’s little playmates as Lucifer overthrows our heavenly father because there’s so much wickedness in this world without the righteous people Lucifer will become our new heavenly father as you sit back and wondering O Lord what have I done for believing in the sinful lies that was whispered into my ears from Lucifer now this is where we’re at and where our country is at as we all turn a blind eye to what’s really happening as Lucifer’s still keeps rising like the rising sun and just hold on cuz Lucifer’s going to bust hell wide open and he’s going to make hell upon earth as he rests his wickedness to our world and society like Illuminati destroyingā€‹ and it’s on people making them commit suicide taking their own lives Lucifer is rising weather if you like it or not and you just hold on for the last sinful hellish ride that has begun so long ago and as the lost darkened child has lost it’s way and will find its way with Lucifer’s help as we all play Good and Evil like the Game of Thrones being played upon this sinful heavenly place and have no worries my evil dwellers that dwells upon this Earth Lucifer will make everything feel alright for you as you hold on to your pillow as you try to sleep at night just remember Satan his rising and he will conquer he will destroy anything that believes in God and as Lucifer will split the western skies open with the blood of every person upon this earth as we all sit here shattering each other one by one until we destroy ourselves wondering like what the hell no reform insight as this is our last hellish sinful heavenly delight as Lucifer kisses everyone’s sinful soulless lips each day and night as we all cry bloody tears because Lucifer is so near don’t worry because God no longer exist here 

Lucifer will show his beautiful darkened love while remaining burning in hell 

Ā©One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Glover All Rights Reserved

Watch “Devils Lullaby” on YouTube

Sharing this song for my Uncle Virgil who is with the Hells Angel Gang because they can be dangerous at times that’s for sure but stay outta trouble Uncle Virgil!!! And hopefully one day he can or will able to leave that life behind him before he gets hurt or killed from the craziness out here in the world… Because I know the classification of the brotherhood is strict on leaving the group…

Watch “Rappers in prison Jack frost “hate my life”” on YouTube {I know the feeling bruh}Ā 

Keep popping off and keeping it locked down tight af bruh and we all feel like this when you are locked down in county jail or in the big house prison and {ā‚¬ Southside Crew showing some mad love for ya ā‚¬}