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She’s That Girl For Me

[She’s That Girl For Me]

She’s that girl for me you 

know that you have stolen 

my heart from my chest 

so long ago now but I 

wouldn’t trade it for no 

one else because you 

don’t ever have to 

worry about that 

because there’s not a

woman like you that can 

match you down to the ‘t’ 

and you are my patan in 

this world and you are my 

wife, you are my baby girl, 

you are my best friend, 

you are my everything, 

you are my lover, you 

are that goddess designed 

by God above especially

for me to love 

unconditionally and 

cherish each day because 

I love that you are the 

most carrying person 

I’ve ever met in this life 

and a woman that gives 

her all to everyone that 

deserves it and when 

you love someone like 

me or anyone else you 

love with all of your 

heart and soul and you 

have always been loyal to 

me because you aren’t a 

woman that believes in 

going creeping around on 

me and girl see why no one 

will ever take my place 

because I would fight, fight 

for you and I love you for 

your flaws your weaknesses 

you’re scars and your 

cleverness your smartness 

your beauty your body 

everything about you 

drives me wild makes me 

crazy but I love this kind 

of crazy by loving you and 

I love you because of your 

Southern Charm your class 

your sass and I love you just 

the way you are and I 

never want you to change 

because you are my heart 

that gives me a sheltered 

home with more love than 

I’ve ever known before

Ā© Jeff Glover All Rights Reserved 2017

Dedicated To My Beautiful Wife Tina!!


My Dreams Of HerĀ 

My dream’s of 

her are blistering

to the visible light 

of her burning off 

in the clearing 

distance as she’s 

walking towards 

me but when I 

reach out for her 

hand she slowly 

disappears in to 

the foggy dream’s 

that has me waking 

up in to hot~cold 

sweats dripping 

off of my brow as 

my heart is 

steadily racing in 

fearing that I 

have lost my 

precious jewel 

that been in my 

dream’s that 

make’s me want 

to cry and scream 

out loud because

 I fear that I’ve 

lost my queen 

that has been 

standing right 

here in front of 

my eye’s and in 

my dream’s for many

centuries now it seems 

Because she’s always 

in my dream’s

and trust me

that’s a place 

only reserved

for my jewel 

and my queen  

Ā© Jeff Glover All Rights Reserved 2017

Free Hug DayĀ 

“Free Hug Day”

I wish you was here 

so I could wrap

my warm

arms around you

whispering the 

lasting word’s

that I love you

so today is your

free loving hug

day for you and

when the moonlight

snakes pass you and the

world tonight just know

that warm sweet

embrace is me

with my loving

arms around the

so may you have

all the beautiful

hugs you need

my darling for

your Free Hug Day 

that always begins

and ends with you

and me

P.S. Don’t forget to

pass me back

around and I do

miss and love you! 

Ā©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved 2017~~And it’s not allowed to use any parts of my poems writing words thinking thoughts stories quotes without my consent and knowledge to do so and it’s greatly appreciated and thanks in advance y’all

My Lovely YouĀ 

Ā©Jeff Glover Poetry On My Wife’s Photos

(My Lovely You)

My lovely wife

Tina you are my 

dream that came 

true we can be 

light year’s away 

we can be 

centuries a part 

we can be decades 

away but none of 

those will ever 

stop or out last 

my burning 


hankering to 

continue loving 

you my beautiful 


Ā©Jeff Glover All Rights Reserved 2017 

Ā©Tina & Jeff Glover’s Photographs

Skin To SkinĀ 

“Skin To Skin”

🌹 Rose’s are red,

Violet’s are blue, 

Nuts are very round,

Skirt’s are going up

and pants and

panties are coming

down in this small

kick town,

skin to skin,

belly to belly,

flesh to flesh,

when it’s good

and stiff stick it

right on in,

belly to belly,

skin to skin,

flesh to flesh,

this is how a

southern gal gets

on down in her

small hick

country town 

Ā©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved 2013–But not publishing here until 2017–And not allowed to use any parts of my poems writing words thinking thoughts quotes stories erotic-poems erotica-poems without my consent and knowledge to do so and it’s greatly appreciated and thanks in advance y’all

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