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Watch “Moccasin Creek – Gasoline (Official Audio)” on YouTube

This describes many people I know today and this song is bumping and straight up tight and please enjoy it


“Text Messages He Sent #1”

“Text Messages He Sent #1”

Brad~~Sorry about the email process!

Kitty~~It’s okay about the email process Brad!

Brad~~This is Kitty right? 

Kitty~~Yes this Kitty!

Brad~~Did you feel my lips? 

Kitty~~Umm yes I felt your lips!

Brad~~Yes I felt them on my cock and you wouldn’t stop sucking? 

Kitty~~Yes I wouldn’t stop sucking because I want you to be pleasured!

Brad~~I can’t say any this on WordPress!

Kitty–Why can’t you say this on WordPress Brad oh yes that’s you are married and expecting‚Äč a baby soon while you was having a online romance with your ex–co–writing–partner that’s why you went your different ways diving up the writing on yours and hers old blog on WordPress!

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