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Not One Second

There’s not a second of 

the day that you are 

not on mind because I

dream that you was 

here laying beside 

of me as we simply 

gaze into each 

other’s eyes as

the night sky comes

to life but I know we

are never that far 

apart as I lay here

wondering what you

are doing and thinking 

as the night sky 

comes to life with 

the twinkling 

starlets that 

dances around 

in the sky as I 

slowly drift off

to sleep with you

in my sights 


my beautiful


Dedicated To My Beautiful Wife Tina!

© Jeff Glover All Rights Reserved

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The Edge –

I am pissed off a woman can make a rude comment on my wife’s post or blog when your damn comment can kill my wife you dumbfounded cunt now if this post don’t come down I will sue you and I am taking it to the police department so they can track you down because me and wife has been having hell with you all damn day but you want to cry and be whiny when my wife leaves the comment section open because of me because of my job keeps me away from home my gosh you have to be the most self righteous ass hole on the planet today because if you would actually took time to read my wife’s profile it explains in lots of detail about her disease and how she’s here to write while she’s dying wow this the lowest of the low from this site 

My Heart Is Your’s 

My heart is yours 

My love you will have for eternity

You are my dream come true

You are my love of my life 

You my queen

You are my drop dead

gorgeous goddess

You know I have loved 

you from childhood now 

as I will continue my love

for you that way 

We both share some much

passion that is very

passionate, sexual, desirable

My heart beats for you

I want to feel what you feel 

I want to be the one to feel

your pain’s, sickness so you

will not have feel them anymore 

because there’s nothing I 

wouldn’t do for you 

You will always be the keeper 

of my key to my heart because 

there’s no other woman that 

could keep only my beautiful 

wife, my queen, my goddess

My heart is yours

I love you now even beyond death

Dedicated To My Beautiful Wife

©Jeff Glover All Rights Reserved 2017

Darling Stand By Me 

Darling will you always

stand by me because you 

are like my heavenly angel

that holds all my fears, 

tears and I’m not worried 

about the mountain’s 

falling down around us

as long as my darling will

always be standing by me 

and I want be afraid of 

the ocean’s drying up and 

turning in to dust as long 

as you will always stand 

by me my darling dear and 

the stars can tumble from 

the heavenly skies as you 

will stand by me because

you own my heart and 

everything that surrounds 

it on heaven and earth 

because I can’t survive

if you don’t stand by so 

I can always continue to love 


Will you always stand by me

Dedicated To My Beautiful Wife

©Jeff Glover All Rights Reserved 2017